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Our philosophy at Sunset Beach is that you are who you surround yourself with. That is why we always make sure that we will bring not only the best coaches but also the best people, to our beach volleyball camps. People we consider role models, people who inspire us, people whom we are happy to say have influenced us in beach volleyball and in our life journeys.


We want you to have the opportunity to experience the same positive influence that we had from the people who inspired us, who, at the end of the day, we are proud to call friends. Here are a few of these amazing people:

Karin Iversen

  • 5 times Gold on the Danish National Tour

  • 2nd place Nordic Open

  • 2016, Gold coaching Danish National Team in Danish Tour

Denise Austin

  • 2000, 7th place in World Tour in Portugal

  • 2014, coaching 9th place at the World Championship U17 in Acapulco

  • 2016, 2nd place in the English Beach Tour (VEBT) playing with her 15 year old daughter

Anders Boye

  • 15 years experience playing Danish National Tour

  • 2015, coaching two top 5 teams during the Danish National Tour

Hasan Qasim

  • 2011, Gold at Gulf Region & Bronze at Asian Tour

  • 2012, Gold Arab Championship 

  • 2013, Gold 3rd Islamic Solidarity Games 

Martin Appel

  • Top Player in the Austrian Beach Tour

  • 2015, Austrian cup winner coaching UVC Holding Graz Men

  • 2016, Major Qualification for FIVB events Klagenfurt and Porec coaching Team Dörfler/Radl

Martin Olafsen

  • 2000, Gold at Beach Volleyball Danish Cup

  • Head coach at top level leagues in Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark

  • 2013, Coaching Danish National Team at the European Championship

Javier Bosma

  • 1996-2004, 3 times Olympian

  • 2004, Silver Olympic Medallist (Athens)

  • 2013, Silver at U22 European Championship Coaching Spanish National Team​

Luis Bello

  • 25+ years of experience coaching top level volleyball and beach volleyball

  • Coaching elite beach volleyball players (UK)

  • 2016, coaching his 16yr old twin sons to gold in the Junior England Beach Tour, gold in the NEVZA and 5th in the CEV U18

Amanda "Mo" Glover

  • 1996, Olympian (Atlanta) 9th position

  • 1994-1999, 7 times top ten on FIVB World Tour

  • Coached GB senior, U19 and U21 beach volleyball players at World Level

and more to join soon...

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