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Join us in Cagliari,the Sardinian jewel of a city, for a whole week of beach volleyball training topped up with daily social activities. 


24th Sept - 1st Oct

Where? Poetto Beach

Being one of the longest beaches of the island, Poetto beach has a length of 8 kilometers and faces south-east, offering views over the deep blue waters of the Golfo di Quartu


Join us in Ericeira,“Onde O Mar É Mais Azul’‘ [the place where the sea is the most blue], for a whole week of beach volleyball training topped up with daily social activities. 


8th - 15th October

Where? Ericeira

Ericeira is a small charming coastal town on the North coast of Portugal, only 45 minutes from the centre of Lisbon and close to the beautiful region of Sintra.


2023 CAMPS


  • Spring

  • Autumn

  • Winter 


All types of beach volleyball camps: pre season, in season, post season and winter breaks. Full weeks and long weekends.The one thing that will stay the same is the quality of the coaching and your satisfaction as our main goal. 

Where? All over Europe (for now...)

Fuerteventura, Valencia, Barcelona, Mallorca, Marina di Grosseto and many more new great locations to discover!


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Honest Coaching
Quality Camps
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Competitive Tournaments
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Beautiful Locations
Our coaching team can differ for each location but we do our best to only bring high quality, honest coaches. No matter your level, you will always learn something from our team.
Our camps are focused on you, and your development. We want you to get the most out of each camp and so we make sure to have enough coaches on hand to give specific feedback to all
During each camp we run at least one tournament for you to showcase your new skills. Where possible we also collaborate with any local tournaments that are ran around the same dates.
For our camps, we handpick the locations and beaches we go to. We choose beaches that are not only practical for training but also ones that display natural beauty.
Our coaches will also provide plenty of extra support, advice and feedback throughout.


Welcome to Sunset Beach Camps!

​​We are proud to bring you beach volleyball camps built by players, for players. No matter your level or ability, we have something for you!

We have been running since 2017 and from then have ran camps in many locations, coaching over 1000 different people, with over 30  different coaches joining our staff

​We love beach volleyball and being part of helping you develop your skills on the court. We always make sure that we have top coaches so that you will receive the best teaching available.


We also do our best to choose only the best locations to make your camp as enjoyable as possible. Stick around and have a look at the camps we offer.


My first beach volleyball camp experience, however I've had a few other volleyball camps (regular, indoor 6x volleyball) events in the past. And it was fabulous! Absolutely wonderful atmosphere, access to world class coaching advise, small groups and enthusiastic players, well-timed sessions.

The entire week of trainings is split into sessions dedicated to particular elements of the game: reception, passing, attacking, position on the court, reaction, etc.

After sessions, time is well organized too, so you can benefit from talking to like-minded individuals, discussing your progress or just relax and enjoy good talk. Jorge does amazing job of creating friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the group, so that everyone feels valuable. Plus, he put a lot of energy into organizing your week, so that days don't feel repetitive and boring.

Everything was nearly perfect as it could be in real life, so I am certainly going again. Very soon, actually

Andrey Latnikov [taken from Facebook]


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